Our Commitment to you


Public Safety and Social Distancing

 We have implemented a curbside set up  that maintains a safe social distance from staff and other customers. As well as intense cleaning, disinfecting, and food safety procedures during this unprecedented time. We have also added a new zero in-person interaction option as well by adding online payments to our online ordering platform.


Curbside Carry Out: How it works

  1. Call in order or order online
  2. Park in lot 
  3. Come to outside curbside stand maintaining 6 feet from other customers and staff
  4. Check order on our customer display tablet
  5. Pay for order by inserting credit card or using cash
  6. Move to assigned  pick up station 


No Contact Option: How it works

  1. Order Online 
  2. Use our secure online payment option to pay for your order upon checkout
  3. Park in lot
  4. Call us at 301.228.2722 to let us know you are here and which vehicle
  5. Pop the trunk of vehicle
  6. Staff member will put your order in vehicle for you

  • please note proper id required for alcohol purchase